Odgen-Weber Applied Technology College Scholarships

On May 21, 2014, the Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College Foundation received $10,000 from the Gene Haas Foundation. The monies will be used to remove financial barriers for Machinist students by providing them with funding in the form of scholarships to pay tuition and fees.

The college has enjoyed a strong partnership with the Haas Foundation dating back to 1998 when Haas first donated an HS1 machine to the Machinist program.  

In 2007, local employers identified a need for skilled machinists and were interested in encouraging people to enter the field. A regional machinist marketing campaign was developed, and the Haas Foundation was one of the first to donate over $11,000 for this purpose.

The college has been a Haas Technical Training Center since 2010 and has received machines on consignment to help students learn technical skills on updated equipment.

“The Ogden-Weber Tech College machinist teams have been supporting the growth of manufacturing in Utah since 1991,” states Bret Holmes, lead machinist instructor. “Partnerships with industry are crucial for the development of the Machinist program, and Haas Automation has been an integral part of our success. They have a reputation for quality and respond quickly to our needs for maintenance and repair. The support of the Haas Foundation, Haas factory outlet in Salt Lake City, and Monkton’s Machine Tool in Denver has allowed us to offer programming courses that have upgraded our entry-level machinists’ skills and provide greater flexibility and understanding of CNC programs by teaching students to read, write, and edit Haas G-code which adds more value to the training program.”

The Haas Foundation was formed in 1999 to fund the needs of the local community and other deserving charities. Of special importance to the foundation are children’s charities and organizations that feed the poor. In addition, the Haas Foundation provides scholarship funds to community colleges and technical colleges for students
entering technical training programs, especially machinist-based certificate and degree programs. Since its inception in 1999, the Gene Haas Foundation has awarded deserving charities more than $8.5 million in grants.