Gene Haas Foundation provides scholarships for Sheridan College


My name is Spencer Siewert, I am from Huntley Montana. I grew up on the family farm and ranch helping out where I can, and I still help out when I go home. I found out about machining in high school when I took machine shop and then taught the machine shop my senior year. I am currently enrolled in Sheridan College Machine Tool program. This is my second year of college, however I am planning to come back for a third year for welding. I will graduate spring of 2016, with an AAS in Machine Tool Technology and a Certificate in Welding. I have a job lined up for after graduation at D&H Spring machine and welding. In five years I plan to be starting my own business, being a job shop with machining, fabrication and mechanic work. Receiving the scholarships from the GeneHaas Foundation was extremely helpful for me because, I currently have paid for school out of pocket and with scholarships. My goal is to graduate college with no debt. Thanks again, Spencer Siewert


Hello, my name is Colton Hendricks and I am from Buffalo, Wyoming. I am an eighteen year old, first year college student at Sheridan College in the Machine Tool program. I got interested in the Machine Tool program when I met with an advisor at the college to sign up for classes. I have a mechanical and agricultural background from my family growing up. I took shop classes from sixth grade all the way through high school, so I was familiar with the manufacturing industry. I had a slight knowledge and interest of what machinists did and were capable of doing before entering the program. I will have completed the schooling to receive a certificate at the end of the spring 2015 semester. I haven’t thought too much of what I will do with my education yet, but I have tossed around the idea of starting up my own machine shop here in my hometown of Buffalo. In five years I hope to see myself doing something I enjoy and being financially stable. The Gene Haas scholarship I received will help me pay for school, such as lab fees, material for personal projects made during shop time, and possibly a few tools essential for a machinist to have.


My name is Kolby Brown. I am from Sheridan, Wyoming and I’m going to Sheridan College for a Machine Tool Degree and a Music Tech Certificate. I found out about machining in high school after a teacher recommended I take the class. I am currently in my second year of school and will be graduating May 2015 with a AAS in Machine Tool Technology. I am going to be getting a job this summer as a machinist and will continue working after that. I see myself machining 5 years from now, but I don’t know exactly where I might be working. I love music and can hopefully incorporate that into my future career plan. This scholarship has helped me not worry about money and made it so I can focus on my school work. Again thank you for the generous scholarship I am so grateful I was able to receive it.


My name is Clay Moffett and I grew up in Kaycee, WY. I have always been a tinkerer and inventor, so machining was a natural choice for me. I took a tour of Sheridan College during discovery days and was sold the first day from the CNC equipment to the 3D printers, it just seemed like the perfect place to go. I am a first year student pursing an AAS in Machine Tool Technology. I plan to do a co-op at an established Machine Tool company and then acquire a job after graduation. I would like to stay in or around Wyoming. In the next five years I hope to start my own business and support my ranch with this occupation. This scholarship will assist in the payment for books and other needed supplies for school, I feel honored to receive this scholarship. Thank you to the Gene Haas Foundation for all your support.